Turning on the Light for the Accounting Industry

When we launched PracticePro 365 in February of
last year, it was the fulfillment of a dream for me. Like proud parents
everywhere, our team was excited to share it with the world. Now that it’s in
the hands of clients across the country, I’m even more gratified and excited by
the feedback we’re hearing from CPAs out there in the trenches.

Michael Miller, director of operations and COO
of Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP (MGA), knows what it takes to lead a
successful, global accounting firm in today’s dynamic business landscape.

And yet, Michael and his firm have struggled
with the inadequacy of legacy
software and trying to make it meet the needs of the modern accounting firm.
Michael was seeking a way to solve problems his firm and most others wrestle
with as they try to adapt legacy software to their current needs: “Data was in
several different software solutions, making the end-to-end process burdensome. Workflow
here, time and billing there, reporting everywhere. We had to jump leaps
and bounds to see the metrics of our practice in a meaningful manner.”

Michael was one
of the first to take the leap, deciding his firm would adopt PracticePro 365 because
he saw the incredible value a unified system could provide. He needed enhanced
visibility and reporting, a single place of input, and perhaps most
importantly, “a technology partner interested in where we are heading with the
tools to accelerate our path.”

implementation was smooth and fast (under 60 days from start to finish) and
Michael found the process encouraging. By the time the implementation was
complete, Michael could already tell that this comprehensive practice
management system was an entirely different breed than anything that had come

When asked about the features he finds most
useful, Michael echoes the point I’ve been making for so long: “Data
end-to-end, which will yield better and easier reporting.”

It’s too early to quantify all the improvements,
but Michael is confident they’ll be significant. In his own words: “We do not
look for software; we look for solutions. Our decision to work with
PracticePro 365 was in our alignment as a partnership. We are better
together, and that is what stands at the foundation of any of the strategic
relationships we work to create.”

Firm leaders don’t have to operate in the dark
anymore. Easy access to solid, credible, real-time information — anywhere,
anytime, and from any device — lets them see how projects are doing, how
individuals and teams are doing, and how the firm is doing. It’s on every
desktop, so the entire team has what they need, right now, to make decisions.

PracticePro 365 is not just a high-tech toolkit
for accounting firms and other professional service providers. It is a
game-changer. It is a response to our own need for a better way to support a
thriving firm. Transforming this vision into reality required the commitment,
hard work, and talents of many people.

I’m grateful to everyone who helped make it
happen, and to Michael and all the other early adopters who were willing to
take a risk on a novel solution to a persistent problem. After all the time and
effort that went into creating PracticePro 365, it is finally doing what we
intended: turning on the light for the accounting industry.

PracticePro 365 was custom built to support the growth needs of
progressive CPA Firms. Request a demo to learn how PracticePro 365 can enable
your firm’s growth and profitability.