Insights from 2022 Conferences

After a two-year hiatus, it has been wonderful getting back to meeting and interacting with our clients, prospects, and other vendors in person at conferences this summer; whether the BDO Alliance conference, AICPA Engage, or CPAFMA the thing that stands out the most is the industry we work in is full of thoughtful and inspiring people! We are witnessing a rapidly changing environment across our industry and interacting with leaders at the forefront of this transition has been nothing short of amazing!  Our industry’s transition to a hybrid workforce, taking on new practice areas, moving forward through digital transformation, finding talent that fits a culture rather than a location, and helping firms take a deep dive into technology to make them more efficient, profitable, and secure has been interesting to watch in real- time.

From a technology perspective, the changes in our industry are coming fast and furious.

  • -We have seen how AI can impact a firm, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help processes and the overall streamlining of software that runs a firm.
  • -We see dynamic change as firms now have exceptional IT staff, and these individuals are leaders in their firms and industry.
  • The move to the cloud and using SaaS Solutions is now top of mind as security, efficiency, and profitability are all connected.
  • -Leaders are utilizing their data to help make decisions faster and more accurately. And with the hybrid workforce of the future, we now need the ability to make access to work easier for staff, wherever they live. 

As we make our way through conferences and meetings, a few things are clear – this industry is full of bright, intelligent, and caring people.  As someone who serves the group, I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I have been recently and how lucky we feel to be a part of this industry.  Throughout the coming weeks, we plan to share what we have learned and how we at PracticePro 365 help our clients with many of their technology goals.