How Visionary CPA Firms Align Technology with Strategy

Accounting firms are transforming. The days of individual CPAs running their own fiefdoms under a single brand are gone. Over the past decade, visionary CPA firms have adopted a top-down approach to governance that mirrors the traditional corporate management style. This new practice management style allows for greater operational efficiency and profitability. But such improvements do not follow automatically. 

The new accounting firm practice model demands a fresh approach for everything from cross-team collaboration to marketing, business development and billing. In the quest to build a single firm with high efficiency and standardized business processes, leaders must consider a number of key strategic needs:

  • Collaboration and cross-selling across practice disciplines
  • Professional marketing and business development, including social media outreach, event management and marketing campaign management
  • Visibility into billing, project status and client relationships
  • Secure, always available access for an expanding and remote workforce
  • Effective growth platform and culture

  The demands of the new practice model call for a different approach to practice management technology. The right solution can enable multidisciplinary firms to reap the efficiency and profitability benefits they envision. But matching the available tools to the firm’s specific needs often poses a complex and frustrating challenge. While individual firm’s goals vary, a number of features and capabilities appear consistently on the technology wish lists of growth-oriented firms of every size.  

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