Our Why

“PracticePro 365 was created by veteran entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in the accounting industry. Like many of our customers, we have and continue to face the unique challenges that come with scaling a successful business in an ever-changing industry landscape.

For the last decade, we’ve been on a journey developing technology with a single goal in mind—to help you serve your clients better and be more profitable,”
Steve Templeton, CPA
Founder and CEO


PracticePro 365 was originally developed over 10 years ago as a first of its kind, cloud-based, all-in-one unified financial, people, project and customer management tool, which was non-existent at the time. The system was developed to take advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform on Azure which is a cloud-based platform with unrestricted data capacity and scalability.

PracticePro 365 was tested and used daily to replace a multitude of tools & point (vertical) software. The software remained in the development phase for 10 years and was utilized daily by our primary investor and 1st customer; a successful multi-office accounting firm. During this period, ongoing user studies were conducted, new features and functionality were added while performance, security, and stability were tested and verified. The official product launched only after this testing environment was finalized and companies were asking (begging) us to release the product for their own use. 

Today, PracticePro 365 is used by thousands of users and we are continually expanding our customer base, and industry’s served, while adding new features and relevant innovations to the product. 

Our Mission

We are a technology company with a culture of creativity and innovative thinkers, working together to deliver products and services that ignite performance and fuel untapped potential. We deliver value by keenly focusing on effectuating our value proposition, which consists of 4 pillars.

Superb Customer Experience (partners in “your success”)

Effortless User Experience

Unified Data (your single “source of truth”)

Immersive Innovation 

  • Superb Customer Experience means that we are partners in “your success” and PracticePro 365 is tightly woven into the fabric of your business empowering your company to grow. Our customer success program includes dedicated leadership and a smiling CS team, new interactive training and support tools and resources for our customers.

  • Effortless User Experience (UX) means that you, our customers, should “want” to use our product because it provides value to your business and is effortless to operate. Our goal is to make PracticePro 365 an integral part of your everyday and indispensable to your business.

  • Unified Data means that PracticePro 365 is your company’s “single source of truth” to better serve your stakeholders effectively by monitoring the pulse of their needs in real-time by planning, forecasting, managing people, projects, performance, and providing insight by visualizing your data in immersive dashboards.

  • Immersive Innovation means we embrace the hyperspeed pace of change in this digital age. We merge strategic, creative, and disruptive technological opportunities into our product and infuse innovation into the culture of our company. As our innovation partner, you inherently benefit fromfuture advancements that will help propel your company through your digital transformation journey.

Be part of the innovation

We’re on a mission to make managing people, projects and practice simpler and more productive — for all professional services firms. Come join our team!

Our Values

Deliver comprehensive
business solutions with integrity
and professionalism.

Demonstrate a passion for
clients and their success.

Listen to and understand
our clients.

Respect and care for
each other and our clients.

Commit to teamwork
and personal growth.