Templeton Solutions Launches PracticePro 365

PracticePro 365 is the first unitized practice management system to enable firms to manage their practice, projects and people from a single data source. 

West Palm Beach, FL (Feb. 7, 2019) – Today, Templeton Solutions announces PracticePro 365, a unitized management system enabling firms to capture data in a systemized way and manage workflows all in one place, allowing them to easily analyze, forecast and plan for profitability across all parts of their business. PracticePro 365 delivers a consolidated, holistic view of profitability and performance – and is unprecedented in the market today.

Over the last decade, the accounting industry has witnessed a significant rise in the volume of M&A activity – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. For managing partners and founders, it represents an opportunity to grow their client base, lure better talent and position themselves for future success. However with growth in consolidation, comes the challenge of integrating legacy technologies that are often incompatible, outdated and stale. Running disparate solutions is not only costly and inefficient, but also prone to limitations.

Founded by veteran entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience, PracticePro 365 has been in development for several years. It offers a powerful approach to capturing and activating data for improved profitability and business intelligence. Benefits include:

Empowering partners and staff.
Firms can serve clients more effectively by planning projects using standardized service types and tasks and monitoring projects and resources in real-time.

Doing more business.
Marketing and sales can build contact lists, run campaigns and cross-sell services through a single dashboard.

Improving cash flow.
Staff can enter time and create invoices simultaneously to accelerate cash collections.

Predicting future profitability.
Firms can identify profitable market segments, pinpoint lost revenue and revise project plans in real-time.

Increasing scale and flexibility.
Built in the cloud from day one so all staff can easily access, input and update information at any time, from any device.

Serving clients better.
Firms get a holistic view of clients to better understand how to move beyond service and foster lifelong relationships.

“At Templeton Solutions, we believe the most effective way for firms to serve clients better and accelerate growth is by having a holistic view of their business that enables them to identify changes and make smart business decisions in real-time,” said Steve Templeton, Founder and CEO of Templeton & Company, LLP. “With PracticePro 365, firms can now analyze data, maximize productivity, minimize waste and identify new business opportunities, all from a single source of truth.”

About Templeton Solutions
Templeton Solutions is a technology company that develops practice management software for professional services firms. We combine deep industry and process expertise with custom software development, to enable growth and innovation for our clients. With over thirty years of experience in professional services, Templeton Solutions serves customers across all industries, providing them with the tools to optimize their resources, improve their cash flow and plan for the future, so they spend less time managing and more time growing their business. To learn more, visit us at www.templetonsolutions.com.