Make it rain: Growing your business with PracticePro 365

Business development in accounting—or in any professional service for that matter—is based on developing contacts and cultivating relationships. To that end, every rainmaker has his or her “magic list.” Back in the day, that list of contacts was often kept in a Rolodexâ, which later evolved into an electronic database, like Outlook, or similar program. While such applications perform well when used for their intended purpose, they tend to be insufficient for managing business development efforts within a modern, growing firm.  The problem is lack of integration. Or, put another way: you can see your contacts and I can see mine, but nobody can see them together. This lack of a firm-wide view, along with the inability to tag and prioritize pursuits from a marketing perspective, often curtails the effectiveness of a firm’s business development efforts. That’s why more and more firms are looking for a way to bring everything together—contacts, pursuits, engagements, sources, and more—all in one place.

PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with core features that run your firm. Customer relationship management (CRM) functionality is one of those core features. As an all-in-one platform that enables you to track every aspect of a pursuit, PracticePro 365 offers everything you need to make it rain. We understand the power of having integrated marketing data at your fingertips because we use the CRM features in PracticePro 365 to grow our own business. Benefits include:

  • Track pursuits from inception through all stages of engagement. With PracticePro 365, you can see your clients from inception through pursuit and engagement, including insights into how the relationship has grown over the years.
  • Customize dashboards to increase visibility and boost sales. Dashboards are a lifeline to track your business development activities. You can see sales activity based on individuals, service lines, offices, industries, and more. PracticePro 365 gives you the flexibility to slice and dice your data to gain the actionable insights you need to expand your business.
  • Go straight to the source. Where did that lead come from? PracticePro 365 enables you to answer that question by tagging the pursuit to the source, whether it’s internal, external, a marketing campaign, an RFP, a web site, you name it.
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns. In addition to providing insight into who you should target and why, PracticePro 365 gives you the ability to segment your data and design marketing campaigns. With it, you can create marketing lists for different purposes, arranged by type, industry group, specific people within those groups, and more.
  • Reward top contributors. By understanding who is generating which pursuits and engagements, you can track performance and reward your rainmakers.

PracticePro 365 delivers the integrated data and real-time visibility you need to take your business to the next level. Even more, it can help you break through the siloed mentality that holds so many firms back. Once the “magic lists” are entered into the system, “me” can become “we.” Transitioning from an individual to a firmwide view of business development can help you generate more leads, close more deals, and enhance cross-selling by getting everyone rowing in the same direction. With PracticePro 365, business development can finally become a team sport.